LETTER: Vote For No More Taxes

Dear Editor:

I’m a single mom raising two boys; it’s hard. Elected officials keep making it harder by taking more from me without any thought to the impact it will have on my family. Now, they tell me they want to increase the B&O tax, property tax, add sales tax to products the public rejected AND they want an income tax! Both Democrats in the 45th district supported a lawsuit against the voters they represent who voted overwhelmingly in support of a 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

While telling my kids that I can’t take them on vacation or buy them the shoes they want and I can’t be home when they get home from school, I’m paying over $5,000 in state and local taxes! What more could I offer my children if I could keep even 10% of that money? Middle class parents like me want to be able to provide education-enhancing experiences for our kids, we want to be home with them as much as possible, but spiraling taxes make it harder for us to be with our kids. Study after study tells us the time we spend with kids determines how successful they will be. But, we have to spend more and more time away from our kids to feed the ravenous government monster. If they keep taking more, only the rich will be able to spend significant time with their kids. That’s just wrong. The Democrats don’t trust us to make decisions or to care for our children but they rely on us to earn the funds to pay for their bloated, self-serving government programs. Yes, I will pay my fair share, but Olympia takes more than my fair share; I’m supporting wealthy people who have no need or right to my earnings. That’s why I’m voting for Andy Hill; he proved he understands the harm taxes do. I will also vote for Joel Hussey and Brendan Woodward because they will work with Hill and the bi-partisan coalition to help middle class Washingtonians keep more of their earnings. We don’t need more taxes, we need better discipline

Thank you for your consideration.

Jeanie McCombs