Purpose Boutique Grand Opening Saturday in Downtown Kirkland

Purpose Boutique is having a Grand Opening Bash on Saturday, October 25th at their new Kirkland location at 122 Central Way. Purpose also has a location in Bremerton.

The Kirkland store opens Saturday at 10 am with a grand opening celebration scheduled for 5-8 pm.

We decided that Purpose would bring together the best of personalized styling, affordable fashion and incredible “beyond fair trade” products that truly change lives for the better. Today, we do this by:

-Proudly partnering with inspiring producers worldwide that empower women who have been disadvantaged, exploited or marginalized by meeting their needs in the area of work, healthcare, education, counseling, and training to equip them to meet their needs.

-Donating a portion of our net proceeds to organizations that directly heal the hearts and impoverished lives of women worldwide, providing renewed dignity and hope.

-Connecting producers and shoppers in mutual empowerment. We strongly believe that a woman in a developing country who has survived sex trafficking, poverty, and horrific trauma—and is now thriving—can inspire and empower one of our customers or team members just as much as the reverse. Despite differences in life circumstances, we have so much in common as mothers, daughters, lovers of beauty, and people who laugh, cry and dream.

-Celebrating beauty in all shapes and sizes. We see beauty beyond the surface, in the stories behind each person and each product. We encourage our customers to shop intentionally—enjoying beauty in a healthy way while remaining conscious of the power of their buying choices to hurt or heal, oppress or empower.

-And, last but not least, we sell and style really cute, affordable clothes that women actually WANT to buy.
— www.purposeboutique.com

Purpose Boutique
122 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033