LETTER | Please vote YES for schools



I am a mother with two children in Lake Washington School District. I’m writing in support of the LWSD levies and bond measures. I want quality instruction for my children and future students in modern buildings that can handle tomorrow’s technical and educational needs. My home elementary school, AG Bell Elementary, was modernized during Phase II of the district’s building plan. The classrooms, library, offices, gym and cafeteria have natural lighting and a superior heating system that saves money and keeps my children warm, dry and happy. It has new library materials and a new floor plan designed to facilitate technology use and collaborative learning. Most importantly, the new building re-energized the community. Fundraising and community use and support are substantial. The preschool children in my neighborhood will be happy to attend AG Bell. And with a new Kamiakin Middle School and Juanita High School, a young family will happily buy my single family home so their children can attend new schools, not new portables.

Please vote to approve the three LWSD measures. We need 180 new classrooms to meet projected enrollment growth and educate all children regardless of economic background.

 Bethany Williamson