LETTER | 1, 2, 3 - VOTE yes, Yes, YES!



LWSD #414 has three issues before you the voters Feb. 11th and each is deserving of your YES vote.    

1. Educational Programs & Operations Lev replaces an expiring levy that funds beyond state basis education for which we should continue to want for our schools to be excellent.  

2. Capital Projects Levy replaces an expiring levy that funds our technology learning and provides added health and welfare, things we cherish on the Eastside.  

3. Bond Measure adds, modernizes and replaces school facilities to prevent overcrowding, meet standards and provide equity.  Juanita High School is an award winning campus designed for an educational program that was an open plan concept with education off campus as well as reallocated extra sate area allotments that allowed a pool, theatre, and field house. Though the later were unique and valuable to the district in the 70’s and have served well, Juanita High School has lived with portables since the 80’s because it’s campus does not have enough permanent academic classrooms; it is time to correct this!  

We need the new schools and upgrades throughout our district or your kids may be the unlucky ones to be in a facility that is subpar to what you expect or see elsewhere.  

I encourage you to vote YES now on all three, especially the Bond Measure.  

Matt Gregory