LETTER | Vote No On Prop 3


They’re coming for your pocketbook again! In spite of the state legislature’s increase in school funding of $1,000 per student or $1.4 Billion dollars, Lake Washington School District wants more. I am writing to urge readers to vote no on Prop. 3 and its $755 Million price tag. This is the third bond measure we will pay for (we’re still paying for the others); it will increase our property taxes by over $200 per household and thousands of dollars for businesses. The district promised to repair and refurbish buildings; instead they’ve torn them down and replaced them. This is a wasteful use of limited funds! Will you tear down your home if it needs a new roof or new windows?

There are hungry children in the Lake Washington School District; this measure will take money from their families’ budgets and it will cost more for everything we buy since every business will see its costs increase. Renters aren’t off the hook; their rent will increase to cover the district’s extravagance.

Furthermore, the 1998 bond promised to pay for classrooms for 27,000 students; now they are asking for funds for 26,000 students. Wait, didn’t we already pay for those students?

Tell the district to stop wasting our money; hold them accountable to keep their promises. Vote No on Prop 3; you’ll find it on the back of your ballot.


Jeanie McCombs