LETTER | Isenhower should run against Springer or Goodman



It is a pity Mr. Isenhower has decided to run against our State Senator Andy Hill. It might be better if he ran for Larry Springer’s or Roger Goodman’s’ House seats.
Andy Hill has worked consistently to successfully add $1 Billion to the education budget in this state with NO tax increases. Consider for a moment the endorsement that Andy Hill deservedly received when his legislative colleagues, including Democrats, passed his budget by an unprecedented 89% 'Yea' vote. May I say it again, this was without a tax increase.

Mr. Isenhower claims to support education. Well, don’t we all? If Mr. Isenhower really wished to help the schools he could have been advocating, as a member of the PTSA, to trim the excessive expenditures in the Lake Washington School District. For example, the bloated and overpaid bureaucracy or the wasteful and very expensive program of tearing down good solid buildings (most of them newer than the houses most of us live in) just to be replaced by overpriced Taj Mahals. He could have been advocating for focusing the money on the class rooms and a solid future for our students. Now he wants to be our senator?? I think not.

All of which reminds me, vote NO on Prop 3. More than enough money has been spent by the LWSD bureaucrats on new/replacement facilities rather than modernizing the ones we have. It is time to improve the level of education and improve the percentage of graduation in the district, not replace good facilities with extraordinary facilities. This in a district where the Superintendent of the LWSD makes double what the Governor of the State is paid. It is time to reign in the wasteful bureaucracy and work for our students futures.

Thank you.

Steven Swedenburg