Cross Kirkland Corridor Safety Concerns: Your Input is Needed (poll)

bike trail.jpg

Did you know that  the Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) master plan calls for over 40% of the trail to be shared by bikes and pedestrians? If you've biked, walked, or jogged the Burke-Gilman or Sammamish River trails on a nice day, you know that it can be downright scary mixing bikes, pedestrians, joggers, kids, strollers, dogs, etc. 

What’s the alternative? A divided trail along the full length of the CKC:

  • one path for bicycles traveling at speed
  • one path for walkers, joggers, kids on bikes, and other users

The CKC master plan will be approved soon. Once finalized, it will be hard to change. Now is the time to make sure the trail will be safe for users of all ages and abilities. The City of Kirkland has heard very little input regarding shared vs. divided trail. In the absence of more input, the current proposal for 40% shared trail is likely to be adopted.

If you believe that a divided trail is the safest option for all users—bikers, walkers, joggers, kids, elderly, disabled—please send a brief email to the City Council and the Transportation Commission (c/o David Godfrey):

You can view the current CKC proposal here.

P.S. As the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River Trails upgrade, they are adding separate pedestrian pathways to increase safety. The recent Burke-Gilman study recommends separate trails for bikes and pedestrians.


Karen Story