40W and 60W bulbs to be phased out starting January 1


The next wave of energy saving regulations regarding the incandescent light industry starts January 1, 2014. Following the current ban on 75W and 100W bulbs, 40W and 60W bulbs will no longer be manufactured or imported into the U.S. This move follows similar action by other nations including Australia and many countries in Europe.

This article in PC Magazine explains the different alternatives to incandescent light bulbs including their relative merits.  Yes, they provide much greater energy savings. Yes, they all cost more money. And yes, many of the LEDs and CFLs provide a "cooler" light (although some LEDs offer a rainbow of options).

Reminder:  don't drop a CFL bulb lest you enjoy cleaning up a mercury mess (hazmat suit optional). CFL bulbs are filled with nasty stuff like mercury. Learn more: http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/cfl.asp

For those who have dimmer switches in your home, a rude awakening awaits. Most LEDs and CFLs won't work with your current dimmer switches. If that's you, either stock up now on incandescent bulbs or plan on switching out your dimmer switches to newer LED-compatible dimmers. Five years ago, we thought we were being green by installing expensive dimmer switches in our home. How wrong we were.