Abandoned Propane Tank On Northwest University Campus To Be Decommissioned, Dec. 21-22, 2013

Source: City of Kirkland

An abandoned propane tank on the campus of Northwest University  is scheduled to be decommissioned on December 21-22, 2013.

Kirkland Fire Department personnel will be onsite at Northwest University December 21-22, 2013 as the school’s contractor will be removing the propane contents from a large, abandoned, underground propane tank. The tank contains approximately 15,000 gallons of propane which has lost its mercaptan (sulfur component) and no longer has its familiar “rotten egg” odor. The contents are planned to be pumped out on Saturday, Dec. 21 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. On Sunday, Dec. 22, the remaining product will be burned off. Area residents should be aware that this “burn off” will produce a large, 20 foot flame and extreme hissing noise. The “burn off” is standard procedure for tank decommissioning. Gas monitoring will be conducted throughout the removal process. On-site personnel will be wearing protective gear. Northwest University is providing security throughout the weekend (24/7 hours). NORCOM dispatch center is aware of this event should it receive any 9-1-1 calls from unknowing citizens. Removal of the tank is expected to occur in the coming weeks. Contact: Matthew Jacobs, Northwest University, 425-587-5246.