LETTER | Bobble Head Dolls

Letter-Stamp Editor:


Don't become a bobble head doll.


If you are an independent thinker, don't bother applying to be on one of Kirkland’s advisories.  The Council only picks people that agree with their political philosophies.  Advisories are already saturated with Council clones.


Over the past two years covering tough economic times, independent surveys conducted by the media revealed that many of the advisory boards were unnecessary and could be cut.  Even the City Manager’s position could be reduced but it’s something the Council decided we didn't need to know about.


The Transportation Commission condones traffic jams.  The Council did not allow us a vote on annexation. Advisory boards make unfunded decisions that raise fees and taxes without accountability.  Advisory boards are guided by staff telling them what to ask, who to ask, and what to do, something that is already being done by staff's "guidance" to the Council.


The City has very professional staff that makes the City Manager’s position a cake walk, yet he’s getting $173,000 with an additional $50,000 housing allowance for just repeating what staff has suggested.


So know what you are getting into if you apply to be on one of Kirkland advisories.  Like a bobble head doll, you'll only move your head in one direction making your position unnecessary.


Robert L. Style