Kirkland residents encouraged to “Prepare in a Year”


State Emergency Management campaign plans for monthly preparedness activities

The City of Kirkland Office of Emergency Management wants residents to consider an important New Year’s resolution – to be prepared for disasters. Thanks to a preparedness program called “Prepare in a Year,” the Washington State Emergency Management Division has made it easy to participate. Visit to download the activity booklet that describes 12 activities to complete over one year’s time. One activity is to create an out-of-state contact so when you are separated from your loved ones after a disaster, all family members can call the contact to report their status. The booklet contains a sample contact card. Another activity is to prepare a 72-hour comfort kit that includes water, food, first aid supplies, tools, clothing and special items. The booklet contains a detailed list. Knowing how to shut off natural gas following a major disaster is a suggested activity as is practicing the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” exercise. Families and businesses are encouraged to participate. For more information or assistance, contact the Kirkland Office of Emergency Management at 425-587-3650.