Potala Village Development before City Council for final settlement Tuesday

The organization known as STOP ("Support The Ordinances & Plans") has released the following:
Kirkland City Council faces "final" decision on Potala Tuesday, November 20, 7:30 PM
Council scheduled to vote on Potala Settlement Agreement
The Kirkland City Council meets Tuesday, November 20, at 7:30 PM to discuss a proposed agreement to settle developer Lobsang Dargey's lawsuit over delays in building Potala Village at 10th Avenue S. and Lake Street (Michael's Dry Cleaning lots). The Agreement proposes a density of 100 apartments/condos on the 1.2 acre property, concedes "vesting," allows the developer to apply for a building permit, and eliminates the need for review by the City's "Design Review Board."
The citizen group opposed to such hyper-dense development not allowed by the city's Comprehensive Plan in this neighborhood has been granted "Intervenor" status by King County Superior Court in this lawsuit, to raise their own issues of law related to any proposed settlement. Thus, the legality of any settlement not including the "intervenor" group remains in question.
Mediation continues between the City, the developer and the citizen opposition, which numbers close to 1000 individuals. The citizen group believes that the residential density planned for the area is no greater than 12 units per acre. Talks with the City have been going on for 20 months. Progress has been made, but citizens and neighbors who want to preserve Kirkland's signature residential boulevard believe that the 100 units specified in the currently proposed Settlement Agreement remains unacceptable. After 30 hours of talks in 5 sessions over the past 4 weeks, mediation is continuing down to the wire in an effort to reach a compromise and avoid litigation. STOP ("Support The Ordinances & Plans") has made MAJOR concessions on residential density which still result in a very large building in a single family neighborhood.