Roger Goodman Announces Bid for Re-Election to State House, Withdraws from Congressional Race

Representative Roger Goodman announced he is seeking reelection to the Washington State Legislature from the 45th District in the House of Representatives. Rep. Goodman is withdrawing from the current race for the open seat in the U.S. Congress from the First Congressional District. Rep. Goodman issued the following statement:


“I've been running for Congress for a chance to continue serving my constituents and many more in our area and to have an even greater positive impact on public policy. I sought to apply my solid legislative experience and accomplishments to be part of the solution in Congress, to address urgent national and global issues that affect our quality of life, including environmental sustainability and justice in our society.


"Today I face a fork in the road. Having campaigned hard in this huge, new "swing" congressional district, and working under the brutally relentless pressure to raise the startling amount of money now needed for congressional campaigns, I have decided to continue representing my constituents in the State Legislature, to build on a strong record and to keep making a real difference here at home.


There is much unfinished business in our state and, as part of the leadership in the State House, I look forward to expanding my legislative work to build community, to promote economic development, to improve the safety of our neighborhoods and roadways and to help build a better foundation for our kids' success in school."