Seattle Times | Kirkland city manager stumps for trail project along old rail line

Kirkland City Manager Kurt Triplet has been featured in a Seattle Times article about the BNSF trail. The article details the history of how the Kirkland portion of the 42 mile rail line was purchased and quotes a few of the Park Funding Exploratory Committee members.

Standing on a railroad tie on a hillside in Kirkland, City Manager Kurt Triplett sees more than tired old tracks and weeds near a sprawling parking lot.

He sees a 100-foot-wide open space that will someday be a linear park, paved trail and a mass-transit line all rolled into one.

And because the Eastside Rail Corridor connects a key Highway 520 park-and-ride with a Google campus and the city's future economic center, Totem Lake, Triplett also sees it as a tool to grow and attract businesses.

At Triplett's urging, the Kirkland City Council has authorized the purchase of 5 ¾ miles of the corridor in a $5 million deal scheduled to close next month with the Port of Seattle.

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