LETTER | Nearly 600 Signatures Seem Inconsequential to Planning Commission

Letter to Editor:


I am writing to you today to announce the public launch of www.STOPPotala.com in order to give any concerned Kirkland citizen the opportunity to get information on BN-Residential Market zones since there has been some progress to date regarding zoning that will implement the Comprehensive Plan, but the progress is insufficient to get to the targeted outcome by April without farther work by the commission on March 22nd. Currently that agenda does not include any review of changes made and resulting overall bulk, mass of building (which is admittedly smaller, but still VERY large). The council is also not currently scheduled to revisit their decision to put an UNLIMITED density cap on neighborhood adjoining commercial zones!!!


At the past meeting, the planning commission received a binder with nearly 600 signatures from 4 or 5 different petitions that all called for placing a density cap ... and yet ... even with extreme public input there was no re-visit of the UNLIMITED density on a property that was downzoned by Ordinance in 1977 with all the contiguous properties along Lake St S and Lake Washington Blvd - A property that has records from just a couple years ago when a developer tried to develop less than 20 units but was denied since it exceed 12 units per acre. The Comprehensive Plan states that all properties south of 7th Ave S are to be less than 12 dwellings per acre and that the commercial property on 10th Ave S/Lake St S is to be "LIMITED" commercial due to vehicular ingress and egress problems at the site.


At one time the city provided a listserv regarding the property, maybe I've overlooked something but I believe it has been months since I last got an update. Hopefully STOPPotala.com will help fill the gap.


BTW... It is important to note that STOP is the Acronym for Support The Ordinances and [Comprehensive] Plan. The intention is that ANY development must be in line with local Kirkland Laws (Ordinances) and the Plan. Presubmittal meeting packets indicate that whenever there are conflicts, the most restrictive applies. We see no reason to be making exceptions.


Karen Levenson