Eastside Science Café at Kirkland's Wilde Rover, March 12 @ 7pm

Have you attended one of the monthly Eastside Science Cafés at the Wilde Rover? The Pacific Science Center presents educational and thought provoking series of lectures on a variety of issues on the second Monday of each month. This month, the subject title is, "Breaking the Rules of Inheritance for Disease". Eastside Science Café is at the Wilde Rover on Monday, March 12, 2012 - 7 p.m. 

We know that the genes we inherit from our parents influence our physical appearance and risk of certain diseases. However, recent discoveries show that we can inherit other molecules besides DNA that affect disease risk. At the March Eastside Science Café, join the Institute for Systems Biology’s Joseph Nadeau, Ph.D., to explore the unexpected ways that our ancestor’s genetics and environment affect us across generations.

Wilde Rover is located in downtown Kirkland at 111 Central Way.