LETTER | Increasing Downtown Parking Fees Will Drive Away Businesses

Dear Editor:

What is the purpose of adding/increasing parking lot fees downtown? If it’s to raise revenues, the idea of charging for parking downtown or other business locations is ridiculous. It will probably reduce sales tax revenues or maybe drive out business or cause them to locate elsewhere.

Since when did the Council quit supporting business or was their rhetoric just that? They cannot be trusted to keep their word.

Parking fees downtown doesn't appear to do anything for improving our quality of life except may be lessen our tax burden. But, that’s another ridiculous idea. The Council never reduces our tax burden.

When the parks get crowded, more maintenance is needed. As it is now, we have to rely on volunteers to help maintain them or improve them. We are already over extended in money and a shortage of maintenance personnel.

What would make sense is to impose fees on park parking lots. Juanita Park is a regional park but only we pay for maintenance or improvements. User fees are appropriate for non-residents at Juanita and for regional parks on Lake Washington Blvd. All park parking lots should be considered.

Will Council listen? I doubt it.


Bob Style