LETTER | Governor wants an increase in state sales tax (poll)

Dear Editor,

If everyone knows there is a budget shortfall then now is a good time to float an increase in the sales tax…

[polldaddy poll="5949039"]

Just a fraction of a cent, not real greedy, and it’s only for non-edible items so won’t affect those citizens living hand to mouth… much.

The fact is, there has been an increase in the taxes going to various state agencies over the last couple of years by way of “fees for service” that show up in increased utility rates. You want clean water? Then paying an extra dollar on each water bill just to handle the increased regulations, state and federal, should be a good deal. If you want clean lakes and streams then an extra dollar on each sewer bill should seem reasonable too. The new fees protect all those state jobs and COLA pay increases. It’s hard to say how much goes to keeping water clean.

Just so you know that the state is already getting more money from homeowners even before any sales tax increase.


Margaret Wiggins

Finn Hill resident and NUD (water/sewer) commissioner