LETTER | Kirkland Library denies public use

Letter to the Editor:
It has come to my Attention that the KCLS Public Library in Kirkland has denied the request of the use of their meeting rooms to local mothers groups. Stating there is no educational value, and the library is not a free play date space.
Local Mothers groups provide a service to our community. It allows local mothers and children to socialize, it allows children learning opportunities, by playing, social interaction, and appropriate public behavior practice. Many local mothers groups are non profit organizations hoping to improve the quality of life for mothers and children in our community. The library refusing their request for meeting room use is appalling and discriminatory.
The Kirkland Library Website states:
As part of its service to the community, the King County Library System (KCLS) provides meeting rooms for use by local community groups and organizations. This policy ensures that KCLS meeting rooms are available for gatherings, the primary purpose or nature of which is civic, cultural, educational and/or of community-interest. Meeting room use will not be denied to any person or organization because of race, creed or color.
            The use of these meeting rooms by mothers groups to host a variety of events, including story times, art classes, and holiday themed social gatherings, is absolutely within policy. Story times, are considered educational and the Library itself hosts story times on a regular basis. Art classes are considered cultural and educational, by providing artistic exploration for younger than school aged children. Holiday themed Social gatherings are considered Community interest. Denying mothers groups the right to use the community rooms is clearly an act of prejudice by the Library.  In a time where budget cuts are happening on a regular basis you would think the Library would invite mothers groups to enrich the community with these events, because the city is to broke to fund these types of events.
            I am a mother of three children two who are developmentally delayed, I know from much experience that social interaction, artistic exploration, and reading in groups benefit all children who have yet to enter public school. I have found the use of a local mothers group to be an enriching experience for my self and my children. Local mothers groups are an asset to this community and should be able to use the Library meeting rooms for their intended purposes. Civic, Cultural, Educational, and Community Interest.
Ashley McGill
Kirkland resident, Member of Eastside Cool Mommies and Concerned Mother of Three