LETTER | Thank you Asian Wok patrons for helping a stranger in need

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the staff and patrons of the Asian Wok on Market Street! On Monday evening, a friend of mine had the misfortune of her car conking out as she tried to turn onto 18th Ave. from Market Street. When she called, I went to meet her. We were just chatting with police officer about how to get the car moved out of the road when one of the staff of the Asian Wok came out, saw the situation, ran back into the restaurant and brought back 8 gentleman who helped push the car - uphill! - into the Asian Wok car park.

Meanwhile, the lady from the Asian Wok assured us that we could keep the car there for as long as it took to get fixed.

It was so nice to be helped out by people we did not know, all with a smile. Thank you Asian Wok. I always knew you were a great local eatery and drinkery :)

Kate Butcher