Three Cheers for Kudos Kirkland Volunteers -- 375 Hours of Community Service (and counting)

On Thursday night, a group of volunteers, city employees and city council members gathered to celebrate the completion of the Kudos Kirkland Market Street Median Cleanup project -- an 11 week effort to improve the link between Juanita and downtown Kirkland. Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet and council members Bob Sternoff and Amy Walen, all members of the Kudos Kirkland volunteer group, have worked side by side with citizens and crews from the city's Public Works Department as partners in volunteer projects to improve our city.

To date, Kudos Kirkland has tallied over 375 hours of community service through the efforts of twenty-two volunteers (Public Works employees work alongside Kudos Kirkland volunteers in support of their efforts).

[box type="info" style="rounded" border="full"]For those of you who can’t get enough of Thursday morning clean up days and need some stress relief, Kudos Kirkland is scheduling one more for the year –on the 22nd at 8AM.  We will focus on sweeping and picking up litter downtown to help it make it look nice for some final holiday shopping and cheer.[/box]

As stewards of our community, Kudos Kirkland volunteers are doing their part in showing pride in our city. Picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks, weeding flower beds and roadway medians are just some of the ways the volunteers contribute. The Market Street Median project which began in late August, consumed 250.5 volunteer hours and was completed by early December. Kudos Kirkland efforts which started in the spring of this year in downtown Kirkland have spread north into Juanita and Kingsgate/Evergreen Hill.

The partnership that the Kudos Kirkland volunteers have had with the city's Public Works Department has been phenomenal. Several observers have noted that it is not everyday that one finds such a cooperative effort between citizens and city staff. Much credit, and kudos, goes to Public Works Director Ray Steiger and his department. The Kudos/Public Works partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship -- citizens take pride in contributing to make their city a better place and the city gets a little help during tight budgetary times. This is a model that we hope spreads throughout City Hall.

The Thursday night gathering was a way to say thank you to the Kudos Kirkland volunteers for a job well-done. A special thanks also goes to The Wilde Rover for supplying appetizers for the group.

[box type="tick" style="rounded" border="full"]Would you like to see a volunteer effort to spruce up your block or in your neighborhood? We're here to help. Join us at one of our weekly cleanup events. Contact us by email or learn more about stewards of our community at[/box]

The Kudos Kirkland volunteers and member businesses are shining examples citizens coming together in common cause to solve problems.

Since the Market Street Medians was a large project taking 250.5 hours, Kudos Kirkland would like to recognize each of the following volunteers for their efforts. We say thank you and Kudos to you for being stewards of our community!

  • Penny Sweet (Grape Choice and Deputy Mayor)
  • Bob Sternoff (Sternoff Development and City Council)
  • Joene LaBou
  • Matt McCauley
  • Joyce Kirk
  • Roger Kirk
  • Tim O’Brian
  • Bob Roller
  • Lisa Leo
  • Tia Scarce
  • Virginia Padden
  • Doug Sollitt
  • Ann Quezada
  • Sants Contreras
  • Sue Contreras
  • Sue Warga
  • Marcke Lhyle (Gallery Wine Art)
  • Nancy Nelson
  • Laura Westlund (Laura Westlund Realty)
  • Di O’Farrell
  • Kim Maddux
  • Rob Butcher (Kirkland Views)
  • Michelle Sailor
  • Public Works – without their assistance, this project could never have been done.