Kirkland’s Two Garlic Jim’s Stores Announce National Pizza Party Day Winners

The Juanita Village and Rose Hill Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza stores are pleased to announce the local winners of pizza parties to celebrate National Pizza Party Day.  Cathy Daly, a long-time first grade teacher at AG Bell Elementary and Tracy Upper, a preschool teacher at Northlake Preschool were the two Kirkland winners for 2011.


Cathy was nominated by her sister, Cindy, who said, “Besides being an amazing teacher I must share the REAL reason she should win this pizza party for her class.  Since the age of 2, Cathy has had to be on a strict gluten-free diet. Eating out at restaurants or ordering food to go has never been an option for her. Well, thanks to Garlic Jim’s and their commitment to making "safe" gluten free pizzas, my sister can now order a pizza after a long day at school and enjoy a dinner without cooking. She is never able to enjoy food (cupcakes, treats) etc. with her class but she would love to share her favorite pizza with them. Please choose Cathy's class for the pizza party. Garlic Jim's has saved the day in her eyes.”


Tracy was nominated by Kathy, parent of one of the students in her class, who saidTracy is a wonderful teacher. … it would be so nice to give something back to her. Let's celebrate teachers by doing something nice!”

Mitchell Young, local owner of the two Kirkland Garlic Jim’s stores (Juanita Village and Rose Hill) was excited to deliver pizzas to these two classrooms. He commented, “I am so pleased to be honoring these two great teachers.  It is, of course, an extra honor to already be Ms. Daly’s favorite pizza, but most importantly, it’s gratifying to know that both Ms. Daly and Ms. Upper are doing the excellent work of teaching some of our community’s children.  Donating end-of-the-year pizza parties to honor their work is a very small gesture compared to the good work that they do every day.”


Garlic Jim’s President and CEO, Dwayne Northrop, is excited about the response to National Pizza Party Day.  “I love the fact that our customers are so passionate about their children’s teachers. I’ve been reading the teacher nominations they’ve contributed and they’re amazing.  There are so many people who aren’t being recognized for their contributions to our communities. It’s exciting that Garlic Jim’s can honor some teachers in even a small way for their work with the children of our customers.”


National Pizza Party Day is listed in Chase’s Book of Events and is an opportunity to celebrate pizza and its importance in our national culture.  Garlic Jim’s uses National Pizza Party Day to honor deserving teachers in the communities where our stores are located.  National Pizza Party Day is held the third Friday of May every year. The winning parties do not need to be held on this day.  Instead we give the winning teachers flexibility to hold their parties at times most convenient to the schedules of their classrooms.