Peach O Rama going on now at Metropolitan Market

Metropolitan Market’s Peach O Rama is going on now at all locations!

Remember when you used to wait every summer with anticipation to sink your teeth into a sweet, juicy, fragrant, sun-ripened peach and the juice would run down your chin? Relive that great taste of the ol’ days! The best, sweetest peaches are Peach O Rama peaches. Good watering, care in the sun, and lingering time on the tree means the best quality peach. Worlds apart from an average grocery store peach, Metropolitan Market measures Brix, or sugar levels in its peaches. The higher the Brix, the more flavorful, aromatic, sweeter and juicier the peach (consider Metropolitan Market’s minimum standard 13 Brix all the way up to 18 or higher, compared to chain stores’ peaches of 11 Brix or less). Arriving through August 18th, these hand-picked, delicately packed peaches are yours to enjoy while they last.

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