Local Valentine Idea: KPC Show + Dinner at Volterra, Save $25

Volterra1 Are you looking for a gift for your valentine? Want to "buy local" and support our community? This may be just the ticket: The Kirkland Performance Center's February Dinner & Show Special features a KPC $50 gift card + a Volterra $50 gift card for $75 (that's a $25 savings for those of you reading this before drinking your first cup of coffee).

The offer expires on February 14, but the gift cards do not expire.

Insider tips:

  • Arrive early at KPC, and explore the foyer for local artwork on display.
  • While dining at Volterra, be sure to try their fennel salt  -- like everything at Volterra, it is house made and adds a wonderful flavor to dishes. If you like it, you can even purchase jars of fennel salt to take home (and they make great gifts too).