Reading in the Rain: Books for Kids -- Getting Dressed


It’s a big question, even for us grown ups, “What should I wear today?” This week’s recommendations address this question in stories that feature unique characters and stunning outfits. Getting dressed books are great for expanding vocabulary and learning to recognize colors, shapes, and patterns. Currently, King County Library System (KCLS) has copies of these books in their catalog.


Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine

Harcourt Children’s Books, 978-0152164133


Ella Sarah knows exactly what she wants to wear this morning, it’s a very colorful outfit and she thinks it’s just perfect. Unfortunately, the rest of Ella Sarah’s family has other ideas and each family member suggest a different option. The illustrations in this Caldecott Honor book are bright and vibrant, created with silhouetted shapes and printed patterns.


Red is Best by Kathy Stinson, Illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis

Annick Press, 978-1554510511


Some people like green. Some people like blue. But the little girl in this book likes red the best. Although her mother tries to convince her to wear other colors, this girl knows what she likes. This simple story celebrates the childlike love of a favorite color. The illustrations are clean and pop out from the white background, setting the stage for the vibrant red to shine in the spotlight.

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? By Nancy White Carlstrom, Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Aladdin, 978-0689806230


This book follows little Jesse Bear through his day from sun up to bedtime. As the day progresses Jesse’s mom asks him the rhyming question, “Jesse Bear, what will you wear?” The repetitive text is formatted in a patterned structure which makes it easy for adults to read aloud and for kids to follow along.