City to start Park Lane Phase 1 improvements

ParkLaneTerraPots The Kirkland City Council has voted to award  Pacific Northwest Earthworks, LLC, of Fall City a $48,000 contract to start phase 1 of Park Lane improvements in downtown Kirkland.

SilvaCellThe Park Lane Phase 1 Improvements Project consists of the installation of approximately 3,000 square feet of Terrewalk rubber sidewalks, the removal and replacement of one tree, coordination with a tree root-pruning air spading contractor and the installation of Silva cell units.

TerraWalk A unique element of this Project will be the pilot installation of Silva Cell units in front of Lakeshore Gallery, where one existing tree will be removed and replaced. A summary of the Silva Cell background and installation was presented to Council at their regular meeting of February 2nd.

Phase 1 improvements to Park Lane are to be completed before the start of the summer season as not to hinder local business. The timing of the project was designed to dovetail with construction at the Downtown Kirkland Transit Center and pump station construction at 3rd and Park Lane.

In February of 2009, the City hosted an open house on The Future of Park Lane, where several concept designs were presented to the public.

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