Sound Transit officials continue to move the goal posts

The Washington Policy Center posted an article by Bob Pishue titled, Sound Transit officials continue to move the goal posts, (see excerpt below) which discusses how Sound Transit's actions lead to mistrust among the voters.

The public knows Sound Transit is working toward rebuilding trust. But claiming that ULink is “early and under budget” isn’t the way to do it.
— Bob Pishue

In 1996, voters approved Sound Transit’s light rail plan that would connect S 200th Street (South of Sea-Tac) to the University of Washington at 45th Street. In 2009, thirteen years later, the initial segment opened from Seatac to Downtown Seattle. Sound Transit officials just opened the recent rail expansion, a 3.1 mile light rail connector from Downtown to the UW, called University Link, just a few days ago.

Sound Transit officials say the project is ahead of schedule. The problem – it was supposed to open in 2006.

Read the full article here by Bob Pishue, Washington Policy Center