LETTER | City Council Out of Step Wanting Transit on Trail


After attending the Kirkland City Council meeting last Tuesday, it’s hard to believe that the Kirkland City Council would continue to support Rapid Transit on the Kirkland Trail.

The message delivered to the City Council was profound.  More and more citizens are against rapid transit on the CKC and the feeling seems to be the City Council doesn’t care.

Recall that the Houghton Community Council strongly conveyed the message that they do not support Rapid Transit on the Kirkland trail but would support ST3 bus/rail on I-405 ( Option E-02).

Where is “Citizen Government”?  Hopefully the Kirkland City Council will support our community by keeping this wonderful trail as it is and not allow it to become a commercialized metro highway.  

Listen to the community council members  and support Sound Transit 3 option E-02 – BRT on I-405.

Tim Banks