LETTER | Valderrama serves well by listening and through action

Dear Editor,

Citizens want to be heard.  They have concerns and they have needs in their community.  Electing a representative that will hear and act on those needs and concerns is of great importance.  It's how you make sure that the need is addressed, and in a responsive and timely manner.


I work alongside such an official.  In my capacity as a Sammamish City Councilmember, I get to see citizen requests moved from a plea for help, to a tangible action in the form of proposed legislation.  It's how, in a perfect world, government is supposed to work.  This citizen champion I work alongside is Ramiro Valderrama.  Ramiro is responsive to concerns, large and small, that citizens bring forth.  He has shown the citizens of Sammamish he is their champion.


Now, in his bid for the House of Representatives in the 45th LD, he will take your concerns and desires and make them action items.  It takes a certain type of individual, one committed to those he or she represents, to truly listen and work for solutions.  Be it public safety, transportation, education or otherwise, I believe Ramiro Valderrama can serve the 45th well by listening & through action.


Christie Malchow

Sammamish City Councilmember