LETTER | Vote for Valderrama


Our family backs Ramiro Valderrama 100% for State Representative and we urge all voters in Redmond, Sammamish, Kirkland, Woodinville, and Duvall to bring a positive change to our community by giving him your vote.  Mr. Valderrama is the best choice whether you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He was given the rare, highest rating of “Outstanding” by the Municipal League, which is a non-partisan organization that seeks to replace corrupt, graft-ridden city governments with honest and capable administrations.

Ramiro has a proven record of getting things done. He has earned the trust of the citizens and has been voted in by large margins in Sammamish over the years, where he is currently Deputy Mayor. He is not afraid to work long hours and ruffle feathers in order to accomplish the goals of the folks he represents. 


He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where his son also graduated.  He is Vice Chair of the Regional Committee on Law, Justice, and Public Safety, and he is a very respected member of Eastside Fire and Rescue, who have honored him with their endorsement.


Our family has been close friends with the Valderrama family for well over a decade.    We have raised our children in the same community, and grown to think of them as a kind of kin. We have witnessed their strong principles, solid character, honesty, enthusiastic work ethic, loyalty, and kindness firsthand.  Their four children have been brought up to be good citizens with the same solid character and trustworthiness that was modeled for them.


This November, please vote Valderrama for State Representative to improve our schools, improve our traffic while balancing growth, provide a better standard of living by strengthening real wage jobs, and keep government waste and spending under control to hold down taxes.  Ramiro is the Outstanding man for the job!


The Lee Family