A cautionary tale about phone network security: Your PBX as been hacked

We’ve lost control of our phone network. I’m not lobbying here for a return to the AT&T monopoly of pre-1983, but what we have now is not safe. Haven’t you noticed the uptick in sales calls to your number that you thought was on the National Do Not Call Registry? That registry, and the law that created it, are no longer enforceable. The bad guys won but nobody told us. They are operating from overseas and can’t be traced. If they steal our money it can’t be traced, either.
— http://www.cringely.com/2015/05/02/your-pbx-has-been-hacked/

Over at www.cringley.com there is a scary tale told about how we have lost control of our phone network to overseas hackers. The author was contacted by what appeared to be legitimate representatives from Bank of America asking for information. The brief story is a cautionary one and well worth reading:


No matter how legitimate a cold call may sound, never give personal information over the phone. Or shoe.

When in doubt, hand up.