Kirkland Nourishing Networks’ Spring Break Food Boxes Project is relying on you!

Our 3rd year of support for needy elementary school children during school breaks has one, last challenge to meet this year. You can help keep Kirkland’s tradition strong by signing up to bring a box of food on April 2nd.  You can join a proud Kirkland tradition of helping our neighbors in need by doing two things: 


    1) tell your friends and neighbors about this need; and ,

    2) sign up to bring one or more food boxes at


We have taken your strong support and continued to expand our help to more and more elementary schools in Kirkland this year.  The Spring Break, however, has proven the most challenging and actually the most important.  Without the focus on the spirit of the season, as in December, it seems to take more to get us involved at this time of year.  It isn’t because the need is any less.  For those families dependent on seasonal work, their resources have been depleted over the winter, and they haven’t begun to earn much at this point. It will come soon, but that won’t help for some time.  Your support is truly important at this time of year.


As is our custom, the school counselors and teachers identify the numbers of the most needy students while maintaining confidentiality.  Families of these students receive donated food to help during the school breaks when students are not receiving meal support at school or through weekend Pantry Packs. 


You have stepped up to meet the challenge at every point for nearly three years.  This Spring Break, 200 food boxes are necessary to meet the expanded need.  If we can succeed with this appeal, the goal is to continue to expand until we are meeting the need at all Kirkland elementary schools.


These are real families, living in our neighborhoods, that don’t have enough to eat. The food boxes make an absolute difference.


For more information and to sign up to donate food boxes or volunteer to help, go to


Thank you, and bless you, for helping others in our community.  


PLEASE, tell your friends, Facebook connections, Next Door, Buy Nothing Kirkland, or anyone else you can reach that might help.


- Kirkland Nourishing Network