Seahawk Fans Decorate Cross Kirkland Corridor Signs

Seahawk Superbowl support on the Cross Kirkland Corridor sign at 132nd NE

When the call rang out to Seahawks fans to decorate the Cross Kirkland Corridor signs for Superbowl Weekend, Evergreen Hill residents went to work. Special thanks to Johanna Palmer.

Cross Kirkland Corridor Fans (and hopefully Seahawks fans!):
The Super Bowl is upon us and as a way to celebrate our excitement that the Seahawks are playing, we want to show our spirit by decorating the Cross Kirkland Corridor Signs.

Who would like to add some pizazz to the signs before Sunday? There are 5 signs waiting to be dolled up (and truly have no place to go). The large CKC/map signs are located on the CKC at 132nd Avenue NE, 110th Avenue NE, 7th Avenue, 6th Street S., and 108th Avenue NE.

Staff will be putting some minimal decorations on a few signs and encourage you to add some of your own as long as they are not permanent but are secure to withstand the weather. We also ask that you remove your decorations by sometime next week.

Go Hawks! Go Kirkland!

We might do this again for valentine’s day – make the CKC your valentine! So stay tuned.
— Contact Kari Page, Cross Kirkland Corridor Coordinator