LETTER: An unacceptable cost


The recent news is, “House Democrats elect Rep. Larry Springer of Kirkland to Deputy Majority Leader” whose job it will be to focus on business outreach and engagement.  What does that mean to the taxpayers in Kirkland and Puget Sound communities?

At one of the many visits to Kirkland, Reprehensive Springer was proud to announce what his job was in Olympia.  He said his job to find new revenues for government.  What it means to the taxpayer is higher taxes and more of them.  To Rep Springer, engagement means trying to convince business and the public the additional cost is worth it.

History has shown it is the poor who habitually elect Democrats yet they are still POOR.  Rep Springer is doing what he can for that to continue.  

The announcement of Rep Springer merely formalizes what he’s been trying to do all along: raising taxes beyond the Cost of Living. 

For those who recently receive SS Payment notices from SSA show their Cost of Living increase income went up 1.7%, far short of Kirkland’s 4.2% utility tax increase.  Seniors quality of life is in jeopardy.

Seniors are affected the most.  Rep Springer likes the wording of what he will focus on.  I call it political poppy-cock that has an unacceptable cost. 

Robert L Style