This blog is dedicated to promoting the City of Kirkland and to providing the news and events often overlooked by our local newspapers.

Kirkland Views is a hyperlocal source for news and information tailored to the needs of the citizens of Kirkland. Kirkland Views is a place where one can read all sides of the issues, and then join in the conversation.

What makes Kirkland Views unique? For one, we are focused on Kirkland. We publish stories not found in the local newspapers. Kirkland Views has neither the print deadlines nor the editorial limitations of the newspapers. Oh, and as an added bonus, we actually live and work here in Kirkland. Rob is a life-long resident of the Eastside. His perspectives on the issues are shared in his editorials and in the comments on these pages. We value the opinions of the Kirkland community. That is why we are here: to give a voice to those who may not be otherwise heard. Kirkland Views is a public forum open to all to participate.

In the past, serious issues with profound impact on our city have gone all but unnoticed by our local press. We believe that Kirkland needs a new source for news and information. A source that is independent. A source that is locally owned. A source that is not beholden to special interest groups, corporate holding companies or City Hall.


Rob and Kate Butcher, Kirkland Views Editors

We hope Kirkland Views will become a part of your regular reading and that you will share your views in the comments portion of these pages. We strive to become an asset to the community. We are here to help make Kirkland a better place in which to live, work and play. Our goal is to inform, promote and even provoke thought about the issues facing us all. Thank you for your participation. If you have any suggestions or concerns about this site, please don’t hesitate to contact Rob at KirklandViews@gmail.com.

Kirkland Views welcomes all contributions from our readers. We encourage new ideas and new perspectives on the issues. We welcome your contributions to the site (send your words, photographs, video, audio, drawings and PowerPoint presentations by email). You don’t have to be a professional to contribute to advancing the public discourse.

This blog is open to the public for the purposes of information dissemination and to foster community involvement in the issues facing Kirkland today.

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Code of Conduct:

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Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this forum open, civil, and on topic. We rely on our community for information and only through civil discourse can we gain a better understanding of the issues. KirklandViews.com remains an informative resource for our community because of readers like you. Thank you for your participation.

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