Views of Kirkland: Tall Ships Battle on Lake Washington [u]

The Tall Ships are in town again through September 2nd. See them up close at Carillon Point.

From Carillon-point.com:

The Lady Washington, is better known as the HMS Interceptor from the Disney movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” In the film, Capt. Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, steals the Interceptor with the help of Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom. The other ship on display, the Hawaiian Chieftain, is a replica of a centuries-old merchant vessel.

Upgrades to lights, signals, stormwater will follow

Kirkland’s 85th Street contractor is preparing the corridor this week for its next component of construction: installation of a 24-inch water main, which will run from the west side of the I-405 overpass to 132nd Avenue Northeast.  

The City of Kirkland held the position that Lobsang Dargey did not file a timely, complete building permit and thus was not vested to the Potala Village project.  Today, the Court of Appeals agreed.  88 units will no longer be allowed on the combined parcels (two owned by Potala Village Kirkland LLC and its lien holders, and a third which may have sold and may be closing on August 29). 

Kirkland’s Deputy City Manager Marilynne Beard Named WCMA President

At its annual conference the Washington City/County Management Association (WCMA) named Kirkland’s Deputy City Manager Marilynne Beard as its president.  Beard, who previously served as the Vice President and President-Elect, assumed her new responsibilities at the close of the WCMA conference held last week. 

Navigating the floral landscape in Kirkland Arts Center's  upcoming exhibition: Inflorescence

Kirkland Arts Center's (KAC) upcoming exhibition, Inflorescence, is curated by Susan Melrath and features six other local Washington artists' work. This multimedia exhibition all stems from a shared floral theme.


Inflorescence: a group or cluster of flowers growing from a common stem in a characteristic arrangement.


Like the architecture of inflorescence, this exhibition is an arrangement of works growing from a common theme. The selected artists are all inspired by the plant world, but each has his/her own aesthetic. A floral designer arranges the warms, cools, darks, lights, soft and hard edges that make up her bouquet. Similarly, Melrath has selected an arrangement of artists, and the work which makes up this exhibition. "I hope the exhibition will accomplish three things - showcase artists who work with themes of nature and flora; expand upon the ideas and context of my own work; and create a dialog that connects with a larger community," Melrath explained.

A Special Thanks to Kirkland's Many Unsung Heroes

The business leaders and volunteers who give of their time and treasure are unsung heroes in my view because without them, Kirkland would be a very different place. Kirkland is a gathering place for Eastsiders because of our waterfront location. Our beautiful views and small town feel are what attracts visitors and event goers alike. They come to Kirkland, enjoy their time, spend a little money and, if they like what they see, they may even decide to move here. Some of them move their businesses here too. This is a good thing.

City Plans Additional Road Works Over Next Month

Drivers traveling along Northeast 112th Street and 120th Avenue Northeast are benefitting from three weeks of road construction and several months of planning and engineering. That benefit: new street surfaces.


Kirkland’s overlay contractor finished repaving on Friday 112th Street from A.G. Bell Elementary to 120th Avenue Northeast. It finished resurfacing 120th Avenue Northeast Monday and it will finish Northeast 116th Street later next week. 

 Bridle Trails and South Rose Hill Road Work Rescheduled to Aug 21

Streets in the Bridle Trails and South Rose Hill neighborhoods, which were originally scheduled for slurry seal on Aug. 14, are now scheduled for slurry seal on Aug. 21. 


Kirkland’s slurry seal contractor made this decision to ensure that residents in those neighborhoods would have access to their roads when they returned from work in the evening. Access to those roads would have been jeopardized by the air’s high humidity, which was causing the slurry seal to dry much slower than normal. Blackline, Incorporated, doesn’t restore access to roads it has slurry sealed until the slurry seal is dry. 

SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program Information to be at Wednesday Market

Stop by to chat with us at the Kirkland Wednesday Market on Aug. 20!

Our staff will be out in the neighborhood this coming Wednesday, Aug. 20, at the Kirkland Wednesday Market, located at the Marina Park in downtown Kirkland. We hope to see you and look forward to answering your questions and sharing the latest on SR 520 construction progress. We won’t have flowers or snacks for sale, but we’ll bring a suite of sweet fact sheets, folios and graphics to help explain the work taking place all along the SR 520 corridor.

  • What: SR 520 booth at Kirkland Wednesday Market

  • When: Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2 to 7 p.m.

  • Where: Marina Park, downtown Kirkland

  • Why: To learn more about the SR 520 program and ask questions of the project team

Road work schedule for Market, Norkirk, Bridle Trails & South Rose Hill

Fifteen residential streets in the Market, Norkirk, Bridle Trails and South Rose Hill neighborhoods that were originally scheduled for closure Aug. 13 will remain open today, thanks to wet weather.
Rain forced Kirkland's slurry seal contractor to postpone until Aug. 18 the work scheduled on those streets.

Kirkland Summerfest Photos by Bob Gassen/Humanature

Bob Gassen/Humanature Photography has been a long-time supporter of Kirkland Summerfest (and everything else Kirkland). You likely saw Bob roaming the grounds, snapping shots throughout Summerfest weekend with his signature black cap on backwards. Bob is a Rotarian, a member of the Chamber and you'll see him at many community events giving of his time and talents.  

Bob Gassen has shared his Summerest photos with the community at www.enjoyphotos.com.  The username is Kirkland Summerfest and the password is 13486.  They can also purchase images on this site as well.

Bob's generosity and mastery of photography have benefitted our community for years. You will find his work on the walls of our home and we are proud to know him. 

Thank you Bob for all you do for Kirkland!

Humanature Photography
730 Market Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

Fabulous fish frolic for festival

The Kirkland Summerfest waterfront was host to a school of the most artistic fish around as the pieces of art were on public display during Kirkland's largest festival of art and music last weekend. The Fish Frolic fish will be auctioned off this fall. Learn more at http://fishfrolic.org

Thank You Summerfest Sponsors and Volunteers [photos]

The third annual Kirkland Summerfest started with a bang, ran three straight days and ended Sunday under sunny skies and a super moon. The city was filled with smiling faces, artistic expressions, touched trucks, cardboard boat races, dashed ducks, dragon boats, bouncy toys and music everywhere. This spectacular festival is made possible by people like you. Thank you for your support.

Here are a few Summerfest photos. More to come. Please share yours: rob.butcher@mac.com

Summerfest is here and the time is right for dancin' in the street!

Are you ready to have some fun, Kirkland? The biggest event of the year has returned to downtown and Marina Park this weekend and the entertainment schedule is chock full! Come on down to Kirkland Summerfest and enjoy the best of what makes Kirkland such a wonderful place! Leave work at the office. It's time to play.

Yes, Summerfest is here and the time is right for dancing' in the street!

 Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation donation to Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation

Not long ago the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland was blessed by the presence of a very special man at our weekly meeting who spoke about his life-long passion.  Michael Mathis is the Founder and CEO of the Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation (BCRF).  The foundation supports burned children and their families with education, emotional support, medical expenses, airfare, lodging, a 24 hour call center, basically, anything and everything that is needed. Michael is very well qualified to run the foundation.  In 1967, he was living a normal life with dreams like any other child. He had just received an all-star award in the Snohomish County little league and dreamed of playing professional baseball. When Michael was staying overnight at a friend’s house, his friend poured gasoline on a camp fire. Michael was burned over 64% of his body after the gas can exploded. Michael states "After years...

IBA drops objection to Chainline Brewing, letter writing campaign ended

Following discussions between the International Ballet Academy (IBA) and the owners of Chainline Brewing Company, all official objections to the WSLCB from the IBA have been dropped. On Wednesday afternoon, Scott Holm posted the following on ChainlineBrewing.com:

Incumbents lead in early poll results... again. *Yawn*

Initial returns from the August 5 Primary Election are being published by King County. So far, it looks like the incumbents mailed their ballots early with every Kirkland incumbent showing a healthy margin over their rivals. Political insiders will find these results as expected. The average Joe will yawn and continue trying to make a living.

Early returns published after 8:15 pm election night show the following:

Free Canine Education Session Saturday 8/9 1-3pm with Dr. Robin Foster at Jasper's Dog Park

Back by popular demand, KDOG's Canine Behavior Consultant, Robin Foster, PhD., will be at Jasper's Dog Park this Saturday, August 9th from 1-3 p.m. to answer questions about issues specifically related to dog park behavior, communication, and safety. Please do not bring ANY aggressive dogs. All park rules must be followed. This is a FREE drop-in event!  

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