Sound Transit Violates Law Sharing Emails With Mass Transit Political Campaign

Sound Transit illegally gave the email addresses of nearly 173,000 customers to a mass transit political campaign

As if foreign nationals hacking into our Federal government's computer systems was not enough bad news, locally, we find that Sound Transit just gave away the email addresses of 173,000 ORCA customers to the pro-transit campaign, Mass Transit NOW!

Kirkland Views has been a vocal critic of Sound Transit for many reasons but this time, we would hope everyone would condemn Sound Transit, the sacred cow of pork barrel spending...

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LETTER | Kirkland Police Lowering Standards


Like many other police agencies across the country, the Kirkland Police Department is having a hard time filling the ranks.  On a national scale, we (police) are hard-pressed to find men and women who want to serve their communities.  I often sit on hiring boards and am impressed with the people who want to make law enforcement a career.  With police being targeted for assassination, there are still those with the courage to stand on the thin blue line.  We have hired some of these brave men and women in the last few months.  However, the reality is that even if they have no trouble in their training, I will not see them working solo as police officers for almost a full year...

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Tree-Pruning Along Holmes Point Drive Begins This Week

Trimming will reduce risk of falling trees and power outages

Kirkland’s Public Works Department will be closing the south entrance of Holmes Point Drive in the Finn Hill neighborhood on Friday, August 26, so that work can begin to reduce the height of leaning trees—mostly alder and fir—along 76th Place Northeast also known as Holmes Point Drive. Crews will trim leaning trees near the south entrance to the Holmes Point community off Holmes Point Drive. Residents will be able to enter the Holmes Point community via the Holmes Point Dr. north entrance...

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Reminder: Farm to Table Dinner Aug 27

The Kirkland Wednesday Market is excited to bring the Kirkland community and local farmers together during this exciting & delicious event. The inaugural Kirkland Farm to Table Dinner is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable nights of the season. Come toast the end of summer with all the Friends of the Market!

Kicking off at 6pm on August 27th, guests will dine outside at beautiful Carillon Point round-about. This five-course meal event will feature the freshest ingredients from our Kirkland Wednesday Market vendors, and the menu will be crafted by an elite pair of chefs: James Beard Award-winning Chef Jason Wilson and Woodmark Hotel Executive Chef Matthew Steffen. With event planner Kevin Bradford designing the experience, this promises to be an unforgettable evening to celebrate farm fresh food in Kirkland...

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LETTER | Administrative Acts Going Wild Without Hearings


Administration needs accountability.

It looks like we have to wait until the next election in 2017 in order to improve staff accountability since Council provides them with its “guidance”.

It would be foolish for me to run for office.  In order to do that, I would have to become a politician, someone whom I don't trust.  I prefer to stay truthful and help identify those who are not.

Regarding annexation: The Growth Management Act (a state law) has many provisions; however Councilmembers chose to cherry pick those that Council wanted, not those which could have kept Kirkland a city we made and paid for.  Instead, when it comes to representing Kirkland, the Council chose a holier than thou approach without a hearing.

The Council voted for more density, more traffic but failed to implement provisions that could have been chosen to prevent traffic jams.  Many Kirkland citizens want to remain suburban.  They want Concurrency but they were denied by Council.  It was an opportunity lost.

The Council chose to increase urbanizing and become crowded.     

The Act specifies growth is the responsibility of the County, not cities.  Many jurisdictions didn't want to increase density but Kirkland City Council did.  Council condoned the Urban Growth Boundary Line without a vote from citizens. 

Council was also advised to provide transportation networks in support for mass transit.  They have not done so and now we have more and longer traffic jams.

Through their planners, Councilmembers maneuvered to insure the County's version was adopted.  Kirkland and other jurisdictions were urged, even threatened by the County to withhold state funds in order to have their version of Kirkland to become a highly dense, non-suburban community instead of remaining the beautiful and responsive suburban community made and paid for by the people who live here.  We want a suburban city, not a more crowed one.

Until 2017 election, I want our citizens not to forget what Council has done and will do if re-elected.


Robert L. Style

Help Remove Invasive Plants on the Cross Kirkland Corridor; Tuesday, Aug 23

Volunteers will be working on the section of the CKC between 6th St S and Kirkland Way Aug 23 from 9am - 11am. You are invited to join in and help!

Parking available on 5th Pl. S, 9th St, and Railroad Ave.

  • Bring small pruning saws, big loppers, and water (we'll have a few extra tools)
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves, sturdy shoes, and gloves
  • We will be clearing around holly trees to prepare for stem injection by city staff in the fall. We will also pick up litter, and remove other invasive plants we find, such as scotch broom, butterfly bush, and Canada thistle.

Tuesday, August 23 from 9am to 11am

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LETTER | Finn Hill Needs More Say Over Land Use


The question is: What are they tearing up along Juanita Drive? 

The ravine of Denny Park is across Juanita Drive from a development project and we have seen a tremendous loss of topsoil in Denny Park into Denny Creek through erosion and poor surface water management practices. Retention ponds are not a winning answer in this war to keep top soil. Ponds are hazards for children and with their pooled water are Mosquito breeding grounds. When Mother Nature does cut loose showers having extreme rainfall… Retention Ponds do not contain gully washing events. Trees and shrubs root systems do the Job.
That said… who the heck let these people screw up Juanita Drive AGAIN!...

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Heard On The Street: Historic House Potential Routes Include Lake Ave. W., Marina Park

Heard On The Street: Historic House Potential Routes Include Lake Ave. W., Marina Park

Nickel Bros. Seeks Local Buyer, otherwise historic Trueblood house will be barged out of town

According to Jeff McCord of the Nickel Brothers, the historic Kirkland home they purchased is for sale with three potential buyers. One of the three is local. The other two prospects are a nonprofit in the San Juan Islands and Historic Seattle. Nickel Brothers is still seeking a local option, ideally a plot of land within 3-4 blocks.

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Sound Transit: Too much Money, Not Enough Riders says Former Issaquah Mayor

Hinds writes, "Our current total public transportation spending is split: 60 percent on transit and 40 percent on roads. The biggest chunk of transit is light rail. As seen above, that 60 percent share serves only 4 percent of the ridership and is forecasted to reach maybe 5 percent with ST3. Spending 60 percent of the dollars on 5 percent of the population is not an effective use of funds regardless of the politics or our wishes."

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Kirkland Police Host Citizens Academy

The Kirkland Police Department is inviting Kirkland residents to participate in the Citizens Academy. The academy will run every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., from September 14, through November 2, 2016. The deadline to apply is September 9, 2016.

The Citizens Academy is an eight-week program designed to give Kirkland residents a working knowledge of the Kirkland Police Department. The comprehensive instruction focuses on a specific topic each week, such as: patrol officer training, investigations, K9, Special Response Team, use of force issues and firearms.

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LETTER | Proper application of Synonyms and Antonyms of 'nefarious'


I've been looking for a word that best describes a politician. I would like to thank Councilmember Nixon for his input.

The Synonym pertains to him more than me.

It was he who pushed for annexation without asking the citizens of Kirkland.  He did not represent them but instead he represented people who were not citizens of Kirkland...

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Police Benefit Car Show Sept. 10

The Kirkland Police Department’s second annual benefit car show will be held September 10, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Kirkland Justice Center, 11750 NE 118th Street. This show is a fabulous way for car enthusiasts to demonstrate their support for local law enforcement and all proceeds go toward the department’s mentorship program, the Kirkland Police Department Explorers Club...

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LETTER | Pro-ST3 commenters need to tell the whole story


Some recent pro-Sound Transit commenters on Kirkland Views are out of touch with reality! Did you know that BNSF quit using the tracks because the route was not profitable? Have commenters done any homework on this? Where would people park if they were to use rail on the trail? Have they looked at the low ridership versus the cost? 

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Another Nail in the ST3 Coffin: Autonomous car without a steering wheel or pedals by 2021

Another Nail in the ST3 Coffin: Autonomous car without a steering wheel or pedals by 2021

Ford plans to build a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals by 2021, the company announced on Tuesday according to The Verge. The vehicle will be aimed at ride-hailing and ride-sharing fleets. Wow, that is five short years from now. Maybe we should start planning infrastructure to accommodate the coming sea change in transportation.

For those flat earthers who desperately cling to their sacred cow, Sound Transit ST3 light rail, the reality of advancing transportation technology in the private sector is not welcome news. In fact, the near religious zealotry of some on the ST3 bandwagon will have us laughing all the way to our autonomous vehicles to will drive us door to door faster, cheaper and more pleasantly than the grand vision imagined in ST3...

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One of Kirkland’s Oldest Homes Moving Down the Road

On Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m., the Nickel Bros. Moving Company will relocate Kirkland’s historic Trueblood House, located at 127 7th Avenue, to a nearby church where it will be stored temporarily.  The home will be relocated again once it is sold.

The owners of the house, Michelle and Timothy Currier, knew their growing family needed more space, but also recognized the historic significance of the house and waited patiently for a solution that would allow for the landmark to be preserved...

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Heard On The Street: Google's Duo Created at Kirkland Campus

Today Google is releasing Google Duo — a 1-to-1 video calling app, with features like Knock Knock that allow you to see live video of your caller before you answer, giving you a sense of what they’re up to and why they want to chat. And, it requires only a phone number to call anyone in your phone’s contact list.

Google Duo was designed locally by a team at Google’s Kirkland campus.

Police Blue Light Bulb Movement Nationwide;

This letter suggests a way for people to show a sign of support for our police officers, the vast majority of whom are being vilified for actions they did not take. It is in times like these that we need to support those who put their lives on the line for us everyday. - Ed

My story: Years ago I was hit head on by a drunk driver and the officers talked to me and kept me calm while they helped  paramedics –firefighters untangle my body from the wreckage and for the next month kept me updated about the driver (3rd DUI, no insurance, and on the run).  I am incredibly grateful for the care shown by the officers, and want to show them that we care too!  

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Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign August 19 – September 5

One-Third of Washington Drivers Drug-Positive Study Shows



Approximately one-third of drivers in Washington were drug-positive according to a new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

“As we kick-off the Summer Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, we want drivers to be as aware of the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs as they are of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol,” said Darrin Grondel, Washington Traffic Safety Commission Director...

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