Awards $20,000 Grant to Seattle Based Food Programs Awards $20,000 Grant to Seattle Based Food Programs

Senior Services and Lifelong announced today that is contributing $10,000 to each of their meal programs,  Senior Services’ Meals on Wheels and Lifelong’s Chicken Soup Brigade.

Darcy Nothnagle, Western Region Public Affairs Manager for Google, said "Here in Seattle we're hoping to make the holidays a little brighter for clients who receive meals from Senior Services and Lifelong. Organizations like this are a powerful weapon in the fight against hunger and malnutrition."

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Citizens invited to apply to Kirkland’s Tourism Development Committee

The City of Kirkland has an adult vacancy on its Tourism Development Committee. Interested citizens are invited to apply.  The Tourism Development Committee is appointed by the Kirkland City Council for the purpose of advising the Council on allocating the lodging excise tax fund for tourism promotion.  The specific makeup of the committee is established by State statute. Qualified applicants will be interviewed by the City Council. To learn more about the Tourism Development Committee and to obtain the community service application, go to City of Kirkland current recruitment positions webpage. visit Kirkland City Hall, 123 5thAvenue, or call the City Clerk’s Office at 425-587-3190. Send completed applications to Kathi Anderson, City Clerk at

Circa 1966... How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas! on LP

Because it is Friday...

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! (Dr. Seuss, 1957). The story was retold as an animated special in 1966, featuring narration by Boris Karloff. The animation and music of this special is one of my favorites still to this day. Do yourself a favor and forever purge from your memory the 2000 Jim Carrey fiasco of a remake into a motion picture.

This YouTube video shows an LP playing on a record player. I have not owned such a device in decades. Watching this video makes me long for the days when you had to lift a needle and place it on one long groove imprinted in a round piece of plastic, which produced sound. I miss the physical nature of music: albums, album art, liner notes. Well, kinda.

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!
— Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

LPs begat CDs begat MP3s begat iTunes begat music as a streaming service. How many times have I purchased the same song in each of these formats? Hmmmm... Does anyone remember when "records" came on the back of cardboard cereal boxes?!?

Thank you to my friend, Spencer, for sending this video to me. It is a walk down memory lane.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

Polar Bear Plunge: 20 seconds of BRRRR brings whole year of bragging rights

Polar Bear Plunge: 20 seconds of BRRRR brings whole year of bragging rights

Attention all thrill seekers, arctic swimmers, men of merriment, women of wisdom, braggadocios boys, gregarious girls, yogis of yoga and people of little common sense.


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Senator-elect Cyrus Habib named Senate Democratic Whip


Senator-elect Cyrus Habib (D-Kirkland) was named to the key leadership position of Whip by his fellow Senate Democrats today. The position, which is responsible for party discipline and strategy, is considered one of the top leadership positions in the Senate. Habib was recently elected to the State Senate to replace controversial Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, after having already served in the State House of Representatives. 


“The position of Whip is one of supreme trust and I’m honored to have the confidence of my esteemed colleagues in the State Senate. I look forward to working with Democratic Leader, Senator Sharon Nelson, to advance the legislative agenda of our Democratic caucus: addressing income inequality, the opportunity gap, and climate change,” said Habib following his selection. 


Earlier this year, the Washington Post named Habib to its list of “40 Rising Stars,” and Governing Magazine named him “one of 12 State Legislators to watch nationally.”


“Senator Habib is a leader on issues related to the environment, education, and jobs,” said Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson (D-Maury Island). “I look forward to him joining our leadership team to move Washington State forward on these important issues in the coming years.” 


Habib lost his eyesight to cancer at a young age, but went on to become a Rhode Scholar, Yale Law School graduate, attorney at Perkins Coie, and law professor at Seattle University. His district includes Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point and Yarrow Point.

Scoop the poop, bag it, & put it in the trash... Or not

Apparently, the "Poop pollutes" sign on this garbage can in Marina Park was not enough to persuade one Grinch of a dog owner from leaving behind a little Christmas present for our community. Thank you!

Okay. Is it just me, or is our world filled with seemingly more inconsiderate dog owners either unable to afford poop bags (solution: sell your dog), or unwilling to use poop bags (solution: sell your dog)? Kirkland is a town of dog lovers. In our family, Molly the dog holds equal stature with yours truly. Don't ask which one of us spends more time in the dog house.

It seems like hardly a month goes by without someone sending in a letter regarding loser dog owners who don't / won't clean up after their own messes. I am tired of it, frankly. Dog poop in public spaces is pollution and conveys a disregard for common courtesy and disrespect for our community.

The occasional, "I forgot a poop bag" excuse aside, this town has too many instances of scofflaws trading in the poop and scoop practice for the ol' poop and scoot routine. It is high time for those of us who desire standards in our community, to actively shame those who do not. 

Personally, I have found Poop-N-Scooters to be a suspicious looking lot. They tend to be busily reading or talking on the phone while ignoring their dog's dedicating. They look guilty. That is because they are guilty. They are not good citizens. They are not good neighbors. They trample on the rights of others without regard.

I like using shame as a tool for encouraging socially acceptable behavior. It has gone out of favor like the stockade. I guess I'm old school as they don't sound like bad tools to me. 

 Well, I think it best I end this rant now before I write something outrageous that might offend Those Who Are Easily Offended (another group begging for attention). Otherwise, I might end up in the dog house. Again. ;-)


Kirkland mourns the loss of a man who set an example of service to one's community

Dick and Sandy Ekins at home in 2008. Source: Kirkland Reporter — Image Credit: Katherine Ganter/Reporter Newspapers

Dick and Sandy Ekins at home in 2008. Source: Kirkland Reporter — Image Credit: Katherine Ganter/Reporter Newspapers

Dick Ekins: September 1, 1927 - December 14, 2014

Dick served our community for many years, making an impact on our city. Dick joined the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland in 1973, was elected to the Kirkland City Council, and served as Deputy Mayor of the City of Kirkland. 

1973 Joined Kiwanis Club of Kirkland, sponsor Dick Shinstrom
1976-77 Served as KCK President
1987 Transferred to Kiwanis Club of Kirkland Sunrisers
Wife Sandy was first woman President of Kirkland Rotary
Dick was a past Kirkland City Councilman and Deputy Mayor.
Dick and his family owned Coast to Coast Kirkland Hardware where Kiwanis Club sold Christmas trees for many years.
Link to memorial:

In 2008, The Kirkland Reporter published a nice article about Dick and Sandy Ekins titled, "Kirkland's Mom and Pop." Read it here:

Google Holiday Lights Display, 6-9 pm Dec. 18 through Jan. 5

There’s a great new holiday lights event for residents starting Dec. 18. at the Google campus in Kirkland. As an added bonus, because it’s coming from Google’s Kirkland campus, it may be one of the most high tech lights displays in our community.
A group of Kirkland Googlers have given the campus’ holiday lights their own high-tech spin this year. They’ve designed and installed a spectacular show consisting of over 8,000 LEDs that will be synchronized to music, and available for public viewing. The team used both off-the-shelf hardware components and custom software to connect the lights to sequencing software that controls the lights’ color and intensity. Visitors can tune into 95.3 FM to listen to the music, or hear it from speakers mounted in the courtyard.
The show will light up from 6-9 p.m., from December 18 through January 5. If you are passing by, check it out at 747 6th Street South, Kirkland, WA 98033.


Also, since we are talking about lights, we would be remiss if we didn't share this image of an amazing home of one dedicated Kirkland Seahawks fan.

Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook

Lost Dog: Help find Moxie

The owners of a black Chihuahua named Moxie are seeking your help. According to the reward sign posted on Twitter and Craigslist, Moxie was stolen from the Bellevue Hyatt lobby. 

$1000 reward. No questions asked. Third party transfers OK.

Contact Info: 

(206) 229-4975 Pet ID: 74773

Nourishing Network seeks food for Thursday's food drop-off. Can you help?

Nourishing Network seeks food for Thursday's food drop-off. Can you help?

You can make a REAL difference in a needy families life, this holiday season. There is probably not a more cherished gift that you can buy.

We have expanded the Nourishing Network coverage to all Kirkland elementary schools where we can identify valid need. We have identified that need, and it exceeds our current donations by over 70 boxes of food.  

Can you bring a box on Thursday or drop it off late Wednesday? You can help these families, right here in Kirkland, that are not looking forward to happy holidays like most of the rest of us.  

It is easy to sign up at: , and a grocery list is attached.

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Cafe Juanita to remodel, Holly Smith to open pop up restaurant in Seattle

Kirkland's famous Cafe Juanita will soon be undergoing a remodel during which owner Holly Smith will open a pop up restaurant in Seattle. The pop up will be located in the original location of Lark, near Seattle University on 12th Avenue. The Cafe Juanita remodel will take about three months. Smith plans to reopen in time for the award-winning chef's 15th anniversary at the restaurant in April.

Seattleites who’ve been meaning to eat at Cafe Juanita but haven’t made the drive to the Eastside are in luck: While her beloved Kirkland restaurant is remodeled, James Beard Award winning chef/owner Holly Smith is bringing Juanita to Capitol Hill during a two-month-long dinner popup at the just-vacated original Lark space on 12th Ave.

Smith tells Eater, “I couldn’t let my staff go without work for three months and I knew that the original Lark space was going to be free and clear...John, JM and Kelly [Lark’s owners] have been very sweet and easy going about us working out of the space.” The first official night of Cafe Juanita at Lark on 12th is Wednesday, February 4...

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Thanks to @Juanitawoman for the heads up.

LETTER: The Planning Commission Is Getting Bad Advice

LETTER: The Planning Commission Is Getting Bad Advice

You've allowed developments that add to the problem.  You've adopted legislation that prevents Kirkland citizens from speaking on the use of the KBR (Kirkland,Bellevue,Redmond) as justification for your decisions and have not allowed the citizens a voice on compliance with Concurrency as described by the GMA.  Instead you opted to use the KBR which has not had a public hearing by the citizens of Kirkland.

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Kirkland Car Prowler story hits Q13 News [video]

The car prowler story we reported on last week has been picked up by Q13 and includes an interview with Terry Carpenter, whose car was broken into by a thief on December 7th. The car was parked in his driveway under a light with a motion sensor which did not deter the criminal.

The story includes some suggestions for staying safe and keeping burglars away. Read more here:

Thank you to the many anonymous contributors to this story.

LETTER: Should Parkplace still get 8 stories if it builds less retail?

LETTER: Should Parkplace still get 8 stories if it builds less retail?

Do we really need a bigger QFC grocery store downtown?  No, not if the price is an eight-story apartment building towering over our downtown ‘village’. 

This is the first building proposed for the new Talon Development of Parkplace if they are allowed the zoning changes they are asking for. One of my concerns is, what will happen if the property is sold after the residential building goes up? In 2008 the height limits in the CBD 5A were increased from 5-story to 8-story. The main reason the Kirkland City Council agreed to this change was because Touchstone, the owners at that time, made a commitment to add nearly 600,000 square feet of commercial uses.

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Watercress Vietnam Kitchen Opens in Downtown Kirkland

Watercress Vietnamese Kitchen is now open at 89 Kirkland Avenue with views Marina Park at the former location of Top Shelf Broiler. Prior occupants of the space were Olive You (briefly) and Marina Park Grill. The location boasts a large outdoor patio which is a magnet for tourists when the sun is shining.

This will be the second location for Watercress, the other being at 5041 Rainier Ave S. in Seattle. 

Kirkland Car Prowler Caught on Home Security Video

Kirkland Car Prowler Caught on Home Security Video

The Market Neighborhood has seen a rash of car break-ins over the last few days.  The perpetrator seems to be checking for unlocked car doors as this is how he is accessing the vehicles.  

Upon hearing reports of a prowler in the neighborhood, one neighbor checked his security camera to see if it caught the same prowler trying to get into their cars.  Sure enough it did.  

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LETTER: Hit-and-run Accident At the NE 85th and 122 Ave NE in Kirkland

Dear Editor:

We are looking for information to locate the suspect car and the driver.

Yesterday (12/11) at around 6:08 PM at the NE 85th Street and 122 Ave NE intersection in Kirkland, a female with blond hair, age between 20 and 36, driving a darker colored (gray, silver, dark blue or black) SUV hit a Mercedes-Benz C320 with a father and a 11-year old son inside, and fled the scene. The condition of the boy is not clear at this point.

The SUV (American or Japanese make) has damage at the front and front-right area. The SUV hit C320 on its side. It is possible that the SUV may still have silver paint on it from hitting the Mercedes Benz vehicle.

The accident happened at a busy time, and it is very likely that many who were around saw something they could report on. Police came to the scene and began the investigation.

If you can provide any information on this accident including more information about the suspect, please reach out to Kirkland Police department at 425-587-3480 ext. 8390

Zarko Teodorovic

Holiday TV Roundup: Movies, Specials and Marathons

TV Guide has a long list of Christmas shows airing Dec. 24 & 25. The shows include classics like It's a Wonderful Life and A Very Brady Christmas (oh well). Bonus points if you know the names of these two characters:

A Christmas Story: A real Scott Farckus affair

A Christmas Story: A real Scott Farckus affair